Low Light Decay
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Brightness and color rendering are getting lower and lower with increasing use time

Even if used for a longer period of time, the bringtness and color rending effects remain as new,and the highlighting effect does not decay.

What led we used?​
About LED Chips
PERFECT use pure gold wire, good conductivity, high brightness, fast heat dissipation and long life. A lot of led diodes in the market use aluminum wire and copper wire, which has poor conductivity, slow heat dissipation and short life.
What PCB we used?
About PCB Chips

PERFECT use double copper layer PCB, which has good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation.

Discrimination method: look at the texture (Double layer PCB can not see the circuit board texture on the back; Single layer PCB can clearly see the circuit board texture on the back)

What CRI we offer?

All PERFECT standard LED strip lights are CRI>80 at least. We also can do CRI>90 and CRI>95. We can offer test report for all our LED strip lights by our test machine: Integrating sphere machine.

What adhesive we use?

PERFECT use 3M adhesive imported from the United States, and has high adhesive strength. It can be firmly stuck and does not fall off no matter how long it is used. Most of the products in the market use inferior glue, which is poorly viscous. After some time of use, it begins to fall off.